Softquadro4 and what it can do for you.
And this card can output demo reels!

With the Softquadro4 addon, you can customize your TI4600s
OpenGL settings to match your favorite 3d application.

One of the downsides to this card, compared to a Quadro, is its lack of 3d application OpenGL presets. Until recently there was no easy way to configure a Geforce4 to work with your favorite 3d application. But with Softquadro4 all of that has changed. This little utility will force the standard nVIDIA detonator drivers to recognize your Gainward Ti 4600 as a Quadro card rather than a GeForce4 card. After installing Softquadro4 you may or may not see a speed increase, but you will be able to set your cards custom OpenGL settings to match your favorite 3d Application. This goes a long way to making sure that you don't get strange artifacts in your view ports or crashes related to having the wrong OpenGL settings.

The SoftQuadro4 files can be found here:
Rivatuner: http://www.guru3d.com/files/rivatuner
Softquadro4: http://www.guru3d.com/files/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=517
If you are going to be using Softquadro4 click here for some optimization tips.


With the video capabilities of the Gainward Ti4600 you can create your own demo reel, watch DVD movies and play video games on a standard TV.

One of the nice things about this card is that you can make your demo reel with it. It has excellent video input/output capabilities. (Called VIVO) Just compress your reel properly and play it straight from your computer onto videotape. (No need for expensive video transfer and dubbing service bureaus!) Another money saving feature is this cards ability to output from your PCs DVD drive to a television set. So, if you've got this card and a DVD drive, there is no need to buy a standalone DVD player too. If you are used to playing games on your TV, then you are also in luck. Not only will this output allow you to play DVDs but it will also allow you to play your favorite games on the same TV screen.

Since it comes with a firewire card you can also output directly to
or grab from your DV tapes (If you have access to a DV camera.)

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Page 1: Intro
Page 2: The GeForce4 and why it is the ideal choice for 3d animators on a budget.
Page 3: Out of all the cards on the market, why Gainward?
Page 4: Softquadro4 and what it can do for you. And this card can output demo reels!
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