3D Graphics on a budget:

Gainwards Ti 4600 GeForce4

By Ed Harriss

Are you a 3d animator that needs a good video card?
You don't have tons of cash lying around to spend on one?
If so, then this is the article for you.


For the animator with a tight budget, Gainwards GeForce Ti 4600
might just be the card for you. To find out why, keep reading....


The main goal of this review is to see if there's a "consumer" card that is able to tackle everyday computer animation production. This means that it must be (among other things) reliable, free of artifacts and reasonably priced. I focus on the Gainward GeForce Ti 4600 because it came out on top in every category that was important in this review. As a result, this is not your ordinary "video card review." While I do compare the Gainward GeForce Ti 4600 to many other different cards, I don't do it using charts, graphs and specifications. (There are enough of these types of reviews on the internet already.) I conducted it while doing computer animation in a real world environment using a multitude of different graphics cards. I also interviewed other professionals in the field and asked them about their experience with certain types of graphics cards. I compared what they experienced to what I experienced. (Our experiences were surprisingly similar.) Then I took all of this information and bundled it into this review.

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Review Contents:
Page 1: Intro
Page 2: The GeForce4 and why it is the ideal choice for 3d animators on a budget.
Page 3: Out of all the cards on the market, why Gainward?
Page 4: Softquadro4 and what it can do for you. And this card can output demo reels!
Page 5: Conclusion

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