Starting the Global Illumination Process.

The first thing you have to do is to add your objects and lights to the list that will be affected by the Global Illumination.

Adding Objects to the Photon Director

1. Light>Photon Director+ This will bring up the Photon Director dialog box.

2. Select Models from the drop-down list at the top of the dialog box, a list of the objects in the scene appears.

3. Highlight the word small_table.
Hint: if you move the Photon Director Dialog box off to the side, then you will see that the object you just selected, will highlight in the scene.

4. Click the Add Props button.

If you look below the models list you will notice that the Object Properties section of the Dialog box is no longer grayed out. You can now give this object Global Illumination properties.

5. Click the Receiver and Transmitter check boxes. This will cause the small_table object to receive the effects of Global Illumination from other sources, as well as add it's own reflective light to the scene.

Now, we want to make the s_tablelegs affected by the Global Illumination, they are too small to be useful as transmitters, (that would just make the scene take longer to render, without making much of a difference.) so we will just make them Receivers.

1. Highlight the word s_tableleg_1. If you have the Photon Director placed off to the side, you should see one of the legs of the small_table selected.

2. Click the Add Props button.

3. Click the Receiver check box.

Now repeat the steps for s_tableleg_2, s_tableleg_3 and s_tableleg_4, make them Receivers only.

We need to add a few more props to the Photon Director before we will get any useful results.

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