2. moving the UV's so they display in OGL window

Click on pic to see full sized image.
Model and texture provided by Nate Anderson

The simplest way to get your UV info to render is to toggle 'mirror UV' (1) in the paint window. As the UV's are *generally* ofset by 1 the mirroring essentially repeats the UV's in all directions. Thus one of the repeats hits your model at render time. This unfortunately doesnt display properly in the hardware display window with textures on. (see above pic) In order to see the UV's there in softimage you need to

  1. In Matter>Paint window, toggle on Show UV and Mirror UV

  2. Press shift + g in openGL window over the top of your model (g = select polygon, Shift = select all)

  3. holding down the 'v' key in the texture window (v = translate) click and move the UV's so that they sit where the mirrored UV's sat. Now you can toggle off 'Mirror UV' because you dont need it. see pic above and below


Some instances of UV's are going to be easier to move and place than others. Once you have done it a few times you will be fine.

In XSI this UV translation is even easier. simply open texture window and select all UV's and translate them up onto the right place in the picture.

Happy UVing


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