How to convert .3ds, .obj, .md3 etc to Softimage and XSI file format whilst keeping the UV info intact

Welcome to my first tutorial.

This page came about because I was trying my hand out at game character modeling and animation, basically a character for Quake 3 arena. everthing went Ok until I wanted to get my model, UV and animation info out of XSI and into Quake. I quickly came up against mainly MAX orientated help/ tutorials / files on the conversion process. The general polycount model currency is a .3ds file with its UV info already assigned. There are a few converters that will convert .3ds into .md3 (quake 3 format) I use Dave "NPherno" Eaton II's NPherno's md3 compile. it works, what more could you ask for. Luckily softimage can imort/export .3ds files, it just gets *confused* about where the UV's are. Actually getting the model running around in quake is another tutorial entirely, maybe later...
But after much testing and trial and error Ive got a pretty fool-proof way to get most existing object UV info into and out of Softimage or XSI with .3ds, .obj or .md3 format.

For anybody that knows softimage well You can skip these pages and just get the necessary info-.

UV pic supplied by DR. Farid TAHA's .3ds who can now see and offset his UV's

*Fact* When Softimage imports a .3ds file, somebutnotall times the UV info will be offset vertically down by 1 whole picture/UV width. Also, no matter what projection method was used in the application it will always get converted to UV.
If you know your SI stuff then you can adjust this easy. If you dont then click below for more info.

1. Importing the file into Softimage _________ 2. moving the UV's so they display in OGL window

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