11a- Little by Little, pull the points so that they conform to the edge of the rim. Be sure to pull points from each side at the same time so as to preserve the symmetry.



11b- The points need to be close to the rim.

11c- The points need to be close to the rim.



12a- After you've gotten the desired shape for your branch, you'll need to adjust the center to give it a curved shape.

12b- Tag the last row of points and duplicate it with a little translation in the X axis. Also scale it a little in X..



13. Tag, section by section, the points in the center of the branch. (the ones you just made curved) This gives it a little slope. The last section must be kept at a 90 degree angle.

14a- Tag the last 4 rows of points and translate them in the Z axis.



14b- Zoomed view

15a- Your branch has the right shape, now you need to duplicate it to create the other branches.



15b- Choose Model>Duplicate>Repetition

15c- Type in the settings listed below and click OK.



15d- Your rim should look something like this.