16a- Click the layout button at the top of the perspective view. Activate "Magnet On Tag"



16b- Move the points so that they occupy the same space. (M key)

17. In the schematic view, select your 4 parented obects while in multi mode. Cut them from the top node.



18a- Select Model>Effect>Merge


18b- Click "OK" and keep the default values.



19a- These points need to be joined together with the polygon tool.

19b- Choose Model>Polygon>Polygon



20. Click on the points like shown below. When you are done right click to finish the polygon.

21- Your mag should look something like this.



22a- Time to activate Metamesh Extreme. Chose Model>Effect>PT_MetameshExtreme+

22b- Enter the values as shown below.



23. Your wheel is done.

24. Try adding some bolts or a tire to your wheel and put some materials on it.