Frame Rate/Disk Space Calculator

Recommended for use with Internet Explorer, as Netscape tends to jumble the display.

1.Click the radio button for your desired Output Resolution
2.Type in the length of your project. (Hours, Min, Secs.)
3. For 20k and WWW you will need to manually type in your desired frames pr sec. (Since these projects have varying frame rates). All other choices will automatically input it for you.
4. Hit the compute button. If you make a mistake, hit reset, all the values will be cleared, and you can start over.
Note: If you just want to calculate the disk space needed for a specific number of frames then type in a 1 in the "Frames pe sec." box. Then type the number of frames you are rendering in the "Seconds" box. Now click the Compute button.
Chose Resolution

Video(PAL) Video(NTSC) Film1K Film2K

WildWildWest (800x512)

20k (2816x240) 20k (1408x240) 20k (704x240)




Input Time


Input FPS (20k & WWW Only)

 Frames pr sec.  



 Total frames

 Frame size
 Mb pr frame
  Total Bytes





Portions of this script Ed Harriss and Oeyvind Bross 1999.

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