Many of these files have been compressed with winzip. (It's possible that, after downloading this file, you will need to add the extension .zip to the end of the file name in order for it to work properly with your de-compression program.)

RenderQ v4.3 - By Arvid Björn - Website -SOFTIMAGE XSI Render Farm Tool. Support for passes, RQ will retrieve them for you from the scene. Sequence segmentation, lets the user split the total sequence into smaller parts, thus preventing memory buildup. (the user defines number of frames per segment and RQ manages the rest, supports negative frames also) E-mail notification, RQ will send an email to any adress when the batch is completed. RQ will play a sound when the batch is completed. -guilic option implemented. Small render client that will launch your render every n:th second, unless one is already running. Also good for looping your batch to get around problems with crashes. Some common render options such as ZPIC, resolution, aliasing, sequences, output filename and path, image format, picture standard and field settings.Click here for more info

RenderQ (beta 3) v3.0 - By Arvid Björn - Website - RenderQ 3.0 supports Softimage XSI & Softimage 3D scene batch rendering, as well as Mentalray MI/MI2-file rendering, all in the same batch. Please note that it is still beta. This is BETA 3. Includes XSI options. Click here for more info

SOFTIMAGE ZPic converter - By Kim Jensen - Converts SOFTIMAGE ZPIC files to BMP or JPEG for use in post production tools like older versions of AfterEffects, Digital Fusion, or other packages that do not support theSOFTIMAGE ZPIC format. Click here for more information

SOFTIMAGE Pic Plugin for Windows - This plugin reads SOFTIMAGE pic format images into photoshop

SOFTIMAGE Pic Plugin for Macintosh - This plugin reads SOFTIMAGE pic format images into photoshop.

SOFTIMAGE Email Database (1999-2000) - The most useful Q & A from the Softimage Mailing List. All sorted very nicely in a Microsoft ACCESS Database. This is updated version of last years database with the past 2 years of useful emails . Courtesy of Bill Upham

"Ray" Perl Script - Written by Kim Aldis of Aldis Animation:

Someone asked: I am trying to set up something with three directories, 2B_RENDERED, IN_PROGRESS and RENDERED. I would render out single-frame into the 2b_rendered directory. The batch file would check for files there, grab one, move it into the in_progress directory so no two machines would render the same file, and when finished succesfully, move the mi-file into the rendered directory... so, something like the rendergarden-tool which was floating around, but which only worked for mental ray 1.9

To which Kim replied: Not quite what you asked for but does much the same thing is the attached script (Ray). Ray Haven’t used it for a bit but it worked well when I did on both NT and Irix. Has a habit of leaving the directories it uses for semaphoring lying around on NT, which I think is more NT’s fault than mine. Might need changing for ray2. Oh, and you’ll need Perl.

Usage: Ray "MiFileRootName" "PicRootName" "StartFrame" "EndFrame" "JumpFrame"

3d Studio MAX XSI Exporter - Copyright (c) 2000 Pandemic Studios, LLC. - Export your scenes from 3dsMax to SOFTIMAGE|XSI. (Please note that this plugin appears to only work with SOFTIMAGE|XSI version 1.0) Use the one listed below for all other versions of SOFTIMAGE|XSI.

Softimage dotXSI Plug-in for 3D Studio Max - This Plug-in for discreet 3dsmax provides support for the SOFTIMAGE/Avid dotXSI file format.

Padding Script: - - website - Make SOFTIMAGE|XSI render out images in a format compatible with most compositing packages.(Leading Zeroes) For example: SOFTIMAGE|XSI renders frame 12 and calls it. image.12.pic. This script will automaticaly change the file to image.0012.pic. The instructions are contained in the dowload. Any questions, pls send me an email at

HDRI2XSI - Convert 16 bit high dynamic range images to mental ray format for use in "high dynamic like rendering" using final gathering as seen in this video and this tutorial. Mirror link: HDRI2XSI

DS Genout Plugin - Link SOFTIMAGE|XSI to your SOFTIMAGE|DS with the DS Genout preset.

Gooey: Soft2Avi Graphical User Interface - Devin Boyer - Gooey is a Graphical User Interface. It can be used to quickly generate commandline prompts for S2A. This program allows a user to choose the input file (a *.pic file), the output name, first and last frame, the frame rate, and the frame step. From that, a commandline is generated for S2A that will compile the *.pic's into a working AVI movie. Place Gooey.exe in the same directory as Soft2Avi. Run Gooey and select your input file. From there, select a name and location for the output. After that, specify your first and last frames, your step, and your frame rate. Then hit just hit "Run Soft2Avi".

Softimage dotXSI Plug-in for Maya 1.21 - DOWNLOAD COMPLIED VERSION OF 1.21 HERE. DOWNLOAD COMPLIED VERSION of 1.1 HERE - IF THAT LINK DOES NOT WORK, TRY THIS ONE. This Plug-in for Alias|Wavefront Maya provides support for the SOFTIMAGE/Avid dotXSI file format.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI 1.5 Online Library (Manuals) - The Online Library provides a complete collection of SOFTIMAGE|XSI documentation in PDF and HTML formats. Also included is the New Features Tour.

Softimage dotXSI Converter Tool Kit - This tool kit simplifies the task of implementing conversion from the SOFTIMAGE dotXSI file format to other 3D file formats.

Softimage W3D (Shockwave3D) converter - This stand-alone utility converts files in the SOFTIMAGE/Avid dotXSI file format to Macromedia W3D for use in Macromedia Director. Also see: SOFTIMAGE|XSI Shockwave3D Exporter


Batch Queuing System for Render Farm - A batch queuing system for rendering process, currently it is working for Maya and Softimage. 3D Animators would be able to assign a render task by simply "clicking" on a web pages.

"3.X Style"Cylindrical Mapping in SOFTIMAGE|XSI 1.0 - Great for 1.0 but Not Needed if you've got XSI 1.5 or Higher. Rendertree Setup Created by Kim Aldis: This node allows you to scale the cylindrical map in X like it was possible in SI (opening up the texture on one side)

MilkShape 3D SOFTIMAGE|XSI Importer plugin - By Dominic Laflamme - MilkShape 3D is a low-polygon modeler, which was initially designed for Half-Life. During the development, many file formats have been added. At the moment MilkShape 3D currently supports 37 different file formats from 27 different games/ engines/programs. Now you can easily create characters for your favorite game using your favorite 3d program.... XSI. =) Of course, MilkShape3d makes a great file format translator too. (It supports, OBJ, 3DS, Lightwave, etc...) It's sort of like 3dExploration but with modeling tools.

Lightwave to SOFTIMAGE .hrc Export - There are 3 versions: Intel, Alpha and SGI - This is the Modeler plugin to export geometry, materials and and texture UV coordinates to a SOFTIMAGE (.hrc) file. Requires a copy of Lightwave to to work.

OpenGL 1.3 version fix v1.1 - By Brent McPherson - **NOTE** Softimage has now released XSI 2.0.2 which includes a fix for the OpenGL 1.3 problems. Therefore, users should upgrade to this version and remove this fix as it is no longer needed. XSI (up to version 2.0.1) does not correctly recognize OpenGL 1.3 drivers which results in slower texture performance and some stitching artifacts when wireframes are drawn on shaded objects. As far as I know NVidia is the only one shipping 1.3 drivers.
If you experience these display glitches, one solution is to downgrade your drivers to a version certified by Softimage. Another solution is to copy this DLL to the same directory as xsi.exe. Click HERE for more details.

The Kim Aldis Swuff tool - Export 3D models, lighting, cameras and animation from Xsi to Flash

Transfer shape animation from 1.5 to 2.01 By Stefan Andersson - Website - NOTE! Shape animation made in 1.5, 2.0 can't be used in 2.01. To solve this
use this tool.

Spreadsheet Pass querie. Tutorial and AddOn By Guy Rabiller - Website - (The text for this addon is also avaliable in French) When you create some passes in your projects, it is sometime laborious to modify rendering parameters especialy if you want to synchronize some of them. Of course, if you select more than one pass, when you edit the rendering options in the properties panel, modifications will be applied to all of them, except for some paths.But it is interresting to have a global view of your settings for all the passes at once, just before you start rendering for verification purpose or for last minute changes. This is the main purpose of this Add-On.

Bert's vacation projects.... By Bert Grollmann - Website - Here you can see some of my recent XSI plugin projects. Three of them are mesh importers for XSI and the other ones also produce great results and I'm expecially proud of my metaball program. (Realflow, Real Wave, Particle, Metaball, Sound2Curve, Shape Generation and The Glyph)

Dot XSI Trader for Maya, Max and Lightwave -By Born Digital - Born Digital in Japan provide dotXSITrader for Maya as part of a set of conversion tools for XSI. Japanese customers may find it convenient to work with this respected local company with this tool, part of a larger suite of dotXSI converters that also service Max and Lightwave. Note: This tool is not Free.

XSI Dump -By Wessam Bahnassi - XSIDump is an application that opens Softimage® dotXSI files. It displays the contents of the file in an easy-to-read format, with the ability to skip large blocks of templates parameters to increase human-readability. You can use XSIDump to textually view dotXSI files exported from Softimage®|XSI and Softimage®|3D, then analyze their contents. Thus, XSIDump can be used to debug such exporters, or any other exporter that has been developed with Softimage® SDKs. Also, such a view is important to game developers. As it helps them plan how to incorporate the dotXSI file format into their game engines.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI Scripting Documentation - Hosted by - The SOFTIMAGE®|XSI SDK Command and Object Model Reference provides information on working with commands and the object model, as well as specific information about each of the commands, objects, methods, properties, and constants available in the SDK.

Hdri To Softimage XSI with GUI - Mirror Link - Created by - last night i made a small program for HDRtoXSI.exe to convert multi HDRI
files to MR .map with user interface.Unfortunately you must download .NET framework libraries from MS site to run
it. Because I used the new Visual Studio.NET.

RC Tools - Created by R.Claus - Website - Very cool set free tools! It includes the following functions: select edgeloop/edgering/polygon loop/point loop, loop connect on edgeloops/edgerings/polygon loops/point loops, loop grow, select polygon outline, shrink selection, cap marked holes, select N-sided polygons, smooth operator, convert NURBS to subdiv.

XSI Experience CD Update - Created by SOFTIMAGE - Website - This quick fix contains a file that will replace one that is currently installed with your Softimage|Experience package. It will update Softimage|Experience so you can load demo scenes provided in the XSI Illuminated book series by Anthony Rossano.

ICARUS - Interactive Calibration and Reconstruction from Image Sequences. Free! Matchmoving software that is compatible with XSI.

HDRI2XSI GUI - By Arvid Björn - Website -Convert 16 bit high dynamic range images to mental ray format for use in "high dynamic like rendering" using final gathering as seen in this video and this tutorial. Now with a GUI! Thanks to Arvid.

FX Edit - By Graham D Clark - Website -FX Edit Edit in FX tree and mixer like Adobe Premiere. DragnDrop this link onto XSI 3D view to install addon. Requires edit of one line in an XSI spdl file. Make clips of FX OP parameters such as over and mix for dissolve between clips and use thei scriptto maintian alignmentof the input sources to those clips like an editor. Directions in Toolbar. In notepad edit file x:\Softimage\XSI_2.x\Application\spdl\ make a back up of C3DFxFileInputOp.spdl and in original. Midway down under Parameter SourceOffset, change the line: Caps = Persistable; to Caps = Persistable, Animatable; Warning this parameter was not enabled by soft originally. Use at your own risk

PShop Select Actions - By Graham D Clark - Website - FPShop Select Actions. selected PShop actions in XSI are applied to selected clips or sources or FX source copies. Directions in toolbar. DragnDrop Addon onto XSI 3D view

OHM - By Helge Mathee - a new file-format for XSI, Cinema 4D (, Maya).

Available features yet:
- cameras (position, rotation, focus)
- lights (position, rotation, color, intensity, falloff, type (spot or point), shadow)
- nulls (position, rotation)
- meshes (position, rotation, geometry data (points and polygons))
- linear splines
- animation tracks (position, rotation)
- full hierarchy features
Pretty practical for using the camera and light data in AfterEffects, afterwards.

Day Of the Tentacle - By Homam Bahnassi - DOTT (Day of The Tentacle) is a non-interactive real-time 3D cut-scene. Old-time gamers will directly remember the original Lucas ArtsC classic title [Maniac Mansion 2: Day of The Tentacle], from which the original story was taken, with some modification to showcase today's latest technologies for PC gaming. Foremost of these, is direct use of the powerful dotXSI file format, Lip Synchronization, Shape Animation...and some more; all done through XSI 1.5.

RiO - By Bartek Dabkowski - RiO is a free RenderMan(tm) RIB output system for Softimage(R)|XSI(tm).

Sound to Fcurve - By Bert Grollmann - Click HERE for a screen shot
Installation instructions:
1. copy the project1.exe file to folder of your choice
2.Run the exe once, It will register itself in your registry, so don't delete it from where you copied to
3. In xsi create a button with this commands
set proj = createobject("Freq.class1") application

You can now run the prg. Choose the frequencies you want to visualize (<500Hz are not so good, I'll remove them...or I get a better idea what to do.....) Check how long it should run (in frames) You can't break the process!! And if you want a RT preview.... for RT choose the front view (zoom a little bit out) and "check" window option in XSI to update just this view. Press ok......

Notes: The settings internaly are just tested with techno ;-) so be aware of classical music ;-) In your sound card settings you should check for recording the input you want to record from. e.g. micro or line in or or or. To play music use a external prg. I don't use in this release the origial wav file you possibly loaded in XSI. The timing after recording is not(!) correct because of more samples than fps. will be fixed.....

HDR Shop - By Paul Debevec - HDR Shop is an interactive graphical user interface image processing and manipulation system designed to view and manipulate High-Dynamic Range images.

Thumb Plug PIC - By Gregg Tavares - A plugin for Windows 2000 and XP that gives you thumbnail support for Softimage PIC files in the Windows Explorer and File Dialogs." (also available for TGA, IFF)

AAF Export For XSI - By Softimage - This enables XSI users to build compositing trees in the FX Tree and
then pass them to Avid|DS via AAF.

Superconductor - SuperConductor is an open source, multi-platform render farm controller for coordinated rendering control of multiple graphics/computation/rendering projects using multiple client apps like Softimage XSI.

xsi_loscope - By adrian wyer - The xsi_loscope is an addon developed after seeing the imagry created by Richard "Dr" Baily, you can see his stunning work here Image Savant. After messing about with particles for a while, i realised it was not the way to go, so i turned to caustics the quality isn't quite there, so feel free to modify or re-write the scripts.........

ps, this addon is supplied as is, no warranty, implied or otherwise...blah blah tele-blah.

Get>Primitive>Teapot - By adrian wyer - For all you Max converts out there, thought you might be missing this one........ ;D It's an addon that gives you a button to "get>primitive>teapot" :o

ps, this addon is supplied as is, no warranty, implied or otherwise...blah blah tele-blah.

Color picker - By Marc VIlleneuve - I got a home made standalone color picker. It is usefull to get RGB or CMYK values across apps. If someone could turn this into a XSI script... :)
Jut run it and hold down the CNTRL key.

DirectX Import and Export - By Softimage - The DirectX Import and Export plugins for SOFTIMAGE|XSI add support for the .X format.