Quick Guide for texturing hair

Texturing hair isn't all that easy if you don't know how to work with it. First you need to transfer your UV data. This is called "Transfer Map", but don't confuse it with transfering you image data.
For this example I've made a NURBS sphere which has the default XSI images (the one that shows up when you add an image node).

I also applied a UV mapping (then pressed freeze). So in the hair module (with the sphere selected) press Hair-> From Selection. Close the popups. Make sure your hair is selected, then press Transfer Map. Now we need to find your UV mapping that you have on your sphere. You can find that in your explorer view. See image below.

With your hair still selected you open up the Render Tree. You should now see the default hair shader. All we need to do now is do add an image. Do this with the menu (in the Render Tree) Nodes-> Texture-> Image. The connect it to all the diffuse inputs.
Double click on the image node. We need to set the UV data now, and that we did transfer before. So in the pull down menu for "Texture Projection" you should find that there already is a UVW mapping there. So just chose that one.

Same sphere but with 100.000 strands of hair

I hope I could help out :)
2003, Stefan Andersson