Multiple "Fluid Emitters" in XSI
By Rick


I am trying to create 3 fluid emitters in xsi3that intereact. When I add the
second emitter It does not show up in the explorer and will not truly accept
any obstacles. Any ideas ?


This isn't very different from xsi 2 except for the fact that, with "Fluid Emitters" you are thrown
a little curve by not being able to simply "Set Emission" to just any old shape. You must use
a "Fluid Emitter". But, you have to do it without creating a new cloud if you want it to render correctly.

Sometimes things seem sooo hard but are actually real simple. So, without further adoo doo ...

The "magic trick" to getting - multiple "FLUID" emitters - under one particle cloud.

Very simple ...

1.) Create a "Fluid emitter" with > Creat, Fluid, From Disc ( or From Cube, or From Square ).
2.) Here is the "MAGIC TRICK" - Select the "Particle Cloud" only, and delete it.
3.) Select the "Fluid Emitter" and move it to the side.
4.) Create another "Fluid emitter" with > Creat, Fluid, From Disc ( or From Cube, or From Square ).
5.) Now, with the new Particle Cloud still selected > Modify, Particles, Set Emission and select the original "Fluid Emitter" and a "PPG" will pop open with the new particle ready to edit.
6.) In any window, open an "Explorer" and select the "emitter" you wish to change the particle for.
7.) Double click on the "FluidEmitter_emission" property for that "emitter" and a PPG will pop open and you should be able to change your "ParType" selection from the "Overview", "ParType", pull down menu.
8.) Play back your scene toverify that you have done the steps correctly.

Have fun with your - Multiple "Fluid Emitters".