So, the point to this tutorial after we have seen so many Glass tutoirals all over?

As great as they are I just felt they were missing something. That something was control over the quality of the look of the glass.

So, we start with the object. We of course need to have a glass shape we want to make look extra pretty :)

So now I'm going to apply a simple blinn and then I'm going to add to that an Incidence shader. The point of the incidence shader is that it gives us that variation

in Opacity we are looking for. it's under nodes/illumination/incidence.

So here it is, this is in essence what the other tutorials have expected you to do.. beyond that they suggest editing the bias to get a more pleasing look.

Well, this is where we differ because this is what we see right now..

notice the base looks fine yet the top looks horrid. Adjusting the single slider will not fix this.. all that will happen is the bottom will look worse as the top looks better.

This problem is directly related to how the incidence shader works. so how then, can we adjust them more efficiently? The answer is a gradient

This gradient will be plugged into the bias so we can control it at differnet sections of the surface. Make sure you are using the "Texture Gradient" since this has UV control. From using nurbs surface you have UV's already so you can simply go and make a new UV set in the texture tab of the gradient New/UV.

so now that it's all plugged in you can temporarily unplug the incidence and plug the gradient into the diffuse so you can see interactively the sectons and how they are coloured. Make sure the gradient is going in the correct direction. either vertical or horizontal. once you have established sections plug everything back in correctly and adjust the gradient colours untill you get the control over the glass you want. here's mine..

So now you can see they are fairly even. all that needs to be done now is to adjust our reflectivity and our refraction untill it looks how we want.

Some other things could be done here like adding in some shadows ;) however over all the glass seems good enough so this concludes this tutorial :) Remeber that this gradient can also be used to control your relfections too say if you wanted the reflections to fade in intensity as it goes up by making a new gradient and plugging it into your reflections.. the sky is the limit... mmmmm... gradients... (droools) erm ok..


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