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MR Shader:: f3dEnvBall

Feb / 2002
MR Shader :: f3dEnvBall
by fake3d
A Mental Ray Environment "Ball - Mapping" Shader and Its "Add-On" Package for SOFTIMAGE|XSI 2 on WinNT/2000 and Linux.


> Download f3dEnvBall.xsiaddon <
This is an environment ball mapping shader for panoramic images such as "Fish-eye", "Light Probe"...

Install "f3dEnvBall.xsiaddon"

  1. with the Add-On Dialog Box >> [ "File" -> "Add-On" -> "Install" ], or
  2. drag & drop it onto XSI user interface.

Either you can

  1. add this shader in the Environment Shader Stack in Render Pass for global environment, or
  2. just add this Environment Render Node in Render Tree for each object.
For infomation about this shader in Chinese (Big-5), see here

I started to write this shader because I was trying to render with light probe HDR images in XSI but can not find a proper mapping methode.

This is a taste with a light probe HDR image and f3DEnvBall shader.

Simply a NURBS sphere with displacement map which was illuminated (using final gathering) and traced reflection by the backdrop environment shader with the HDR image.
For more infomation about HDR Image and Image Based Lighting, please refer to http://www.debevec.org/ . They provide detailed description and wonderful HDRI gallery.
For more infomation about Converting HDR Images for XSI / Mental Ray use, please refer to HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images) in XSI by Oktay CY'NLY'.
Any question, comment or suggestion... about this shader, please feel free to mail me. Thanks ^^

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MR Shader:: f3dEnvBall