Create an animated GIF from SOFTIMAGE|XSI or SOFTIMAGE|3D
By Ed Harriss


If you've got Photoshop then you've got Adobe ImageReady. (It comes with it) I've used it to make animated gifs before and you don't need to convert them to Tiffs (provided you've got the Softimage PIC (Windows) (MAC) plugin installed).

Here's how I did it:

1. Render out your animation into it's own folder. Be sure that the aspect is 1 or you'll get squashed images.
2. Open up image ready and click File>Import>Folder as Frames.

3. Select the folder that you rendered your images into and click ok.
4. Your animation will import into the timeline. Hit the play button to see if it imported properly.

If it didn't come in, in the right order, then ImageReady is probably having trouble with the Softimage number scheme. Either renumber your files or drag them to the proper spot on the timeline. If you have not rendered the final animation you can use a post script to force Softimage3D to render out padded numbered sequences (there are some scripts for that on my site in the plugins section) or convert them with the padding from XSI

5. Play with the time settings, repeat values, etc… till you've got what you wanted.
6. Choose File>save optimized as.
Done. Watch the animation in your favorite browser.

Here is a simple one that I made

Here is a zip of the images if you don't want to be bothered to render out your own.
Want to take a look at the scene? Here it is a zip of the scene: animated_gif_scn_zip(25k)