Get the Script HERE should contain four files
- This readme text file.
- xsi2mayaExport.vbs
- xsi2mayaImport.mel
- x2m_explanation.txt

The scripts have been developed on Xsi 2.0.3, and Maya 4.0.3
They should work ok on other versions though.

These two scripts enable you to export camera or object transformations from Xsi,
and import them into Maya. Works fine with different pixel/image ratios, frame rates
and resolutions, also animated FOV.

- Be your camera is setup before export (picture ratio, pixel ratio)
- Select the objects/cameras to be exported and run the script xsi2mayaExport.vbs
if nothing is selected a pick session will be launched.
- The pick/select order is not important.
- Set the frame range to export.
- Set the .x2m file name for export.

The file written contains: (see x2m_explanation.txt)
> Frame count, start frame, number of objects/cameras
> Transformation data for each object.
> Camera position and rotation.
> Camera Field of View, and FOV type (horizontal/vertical)
> Image and pixel aspect ratios

- source the script xsi2mayaImport.mel
- run the command xsi2mayaImport
- select the .x2m file to import.
- Thats it!

> For each object exported, you get an animated locator with the Xsi object's name.
> A new animated camera will be created with the Xsi camera's name.
> renderGlobals will be modified to the correct device/pixel ratios.

Note : You can select more than one camera - theoretically it should work ok if
you do this, assuming their aspect ratios are the same.

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