PolyMesh Modeling and Subdivision Overview Tutorial



select the object and add the a Subdivided Poly Mesh
Create->Poly. Mesh-> Subdivision
divison up to 4 or more if you've got a fast machine :-))
but there's no need as you can adjust it after completion of the modeling process
move the newly created object a bit to the side

note: be sure you are not working in Immed mode or you will not have the "Modeling Relation"
note 2: there is also a method dealing with the Geometry Approximation.

select the vertex in the low-poly model as shown :

scale them in X 0.5

see the subdivided polymesh move in real time? thats the joy of 1.5 :o)
Like using Metamesh in SOFTIMAGE|3D..... but different. ;)

by moving the points around (the "I move-scale-rotate the points trick") you can easily make a cool Nessie-face:

select the polygons as shown in fig 423. (before) and make a
Local Subdivision Refinement (Modify-> Poly.Mesh->Local Subdivision Refinement)

fig. 423. (before)


you can momently hide the "Subdivided Mysterious Animal" as we will now add the wings to the low poly model.

select these 2 edges:

note: I have first moved a few vertices so i have a larger wing

now do a Extrude Along Axis with the following values:
length: 10
Subdiv : 4

you should have this kind of weirdo wings:

with the help from the magic that only the creatives like you have,
do the "I move-scale-rotate the points tricks"
and get a result like this one:

and if you unhide the subdivided mesh you have
a very nice looking ....uh. ..flying...duck...uh ....dino...bird...
well a Poly.Mesh animal :o))

note i increased the subdivision to 2 for this image

well you know know the basics of polygon modeling....

with a little practice and tricks you can easily do in a few minutes a cool dragoon like this one (nothing to do with this tutorial):

Click here for before subdivision/after subdivision images

thanks for having read this tutorial until the end...the nation is very proud of you.

Questions? You can mail me for anything, except for money because I don't have any ;)

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