First of all thanks to xsibase Moderator Atyss for helping to achieve this technique .

In this simple tutorial i am gonna show you how to add a logo to your object with the mix 2 colors node .

I don't know about others but i had a big problem in adding a logo over a texture or an image in xsi

that was because of 2 reasons :

1.Choosing the right image format .

2.Understanding the 2 colors mixer node in render tree.


1. Softimage xsi

2. photoshop

here you are going to make your image in your prefered imaging program .

In my case I used Photshop .

1. Open Photoshop and make a new image, set your resolution and size according to your needs.

2. Start doing your logo, mine was like this.

3. After making the logo and making all the effects and layers style you want save the logo in Photoshop format.

4. Make a copy of your image (the idea of making a new copy is to do the next steps without affecting the original image ).

6. now merge all your layers except the background, it should be something like this : while holding the control button click with your mouse on the logo layer (in this way you will select all the contents of the layer except the transparent area .

8. now we have to make the alpha channel

so in photoshop switch to the channels palette and hit the (save selection as channel ) button :

9. now the selection area is saved as an alpha channel.

10. save your image in TGA file format and make sure to save it as a 32 bit/pixel so the alpha info will be stored with the file.

this is all about the 2d part .

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