Starting Softimage with your own set of customized Supra Keys. (NT)

If you work with customized short cut keys (Supra Keys) like I do, you don't want to have to load them every time you start Softimage. (Preferences>Keyboard Setup>Load> etc....) Here's a simple way to have them load automatically everytime you start Softimage.

1. If you have not already, create a custom key board setup and save it in a safe place.

Note: New Supra Keys can be created by clicking Preferences>Keyboard Setup>Learn, clicking the function and then chosing which keys you would like to use to represent this particular operation.
Existing Supra Keys can be edited by clicking Info>Supra Keys, then selecting a function and clicking the Edit button at the bottom. If you have never made any custom Softimage Supra Keys then you might want to take a look at the Supra Keys: Tips and Tricks at the bottom of this page. If you are familiar with 3DSMax, Maya, Lightwave, etc... then you might want to set up your Supra Keys to simulate the ones found in one those packages. I have found that this makes it much easier to work in more than one piece of 3d software simultaneously.

2. Backup your Sisoft.bat.
3. Edit your Sisoft.bat.
4. Add -k\.sks at the end of the line that says soft %1 into your Sisoft.bat

For example: if you keep your Supra Keys file in C:\users\name and you called it mykeys.sks then your edited line in your Sisoft.bat would read:
soft %1 -k C:\users\name\mykeys.sks

Supra Keys: Tips and Tricks

Holding down alt or ctrl and then hitting a key will get you into a menu. The Supra Keys are underlined. If the underline the color of the section your in (motion/model/matter/etc....) use alt+Underlined Key, if it is gray use ctrl+Underlined Key.

For example: holding down ctrl and hiting g, p, u. will "get>primitive>null." (doesn't work in matter mode)
ctrl, g, s get scene
ctrl, g, m get DBmanager
ctrl, e, a, Delete all
ctrl e, s, Delete selection

Some menus have the Supra Key listed in them.

For example: info selection, info scene, and info elements are q+s, q+a, q+e query selection etc. Select all is spacebar+a and Select Clear spacebar+c

A couple of keys that I added to my list that don't come default with Softimage.

Setting keys to maximize/minimize windows. (I used Alt+1, Alt+2, etc...)
The Layout Icon. (the thing that looks like a ruler) I used Alt+L, Shift+L, etc...
There are many more that I use. Over time you will figure out what you use most often and assign keys to those functions.