Through death-by-combat trials, Togg was chosen out of hundreds to serve as his Banner-Clan's champion. He is an Orc's Orc. He loves fighting, smashing things, wrecking lives, and eating whatever is lying around between battles. Togg serves his Dragonesh masters most willingly, because they feed him well and let him do what he loves and is best at, smashing heads. He revels in battle and could care less about the motivation behind the fighting. He loves pain. And will enjoy suffering in the Blood Pits.
Banner-Clan Heartbreaker
Banner-Clan Heartbreaker staffs a great portion of its army with Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres because those races are numerous and love to fight. The clan's main concern is winning for winning's sake. If there's going to be a good fight somewhere, the clan wants to be there. And be victorious at any cost.