The dragon-worshipping Sszorr is a massive, powerful Drakkorian warrior. There are none greater in the Blood Pits than he. Entirely devoted to his "gods," Sszorr emulates them in battle-roaring and hissing and fighting with a crazed animal rage born of fanaticism. He believes the Dragon Gate is his ultimate destiny, and is certain that if he proves himself worthy in the Great Contest he will be chosen as one of the Greater Servants when the Dragonlords return to the world through the Gate. To this end he seeks victory at any cost.
Banner-Clan Emerald Doom
The Emerald Doom Banner-Clan favors Drakkorians because their master is a dragon-worshipper. As such, there could be no greater honor than to take command of the Dragon Gate. If every living soul in the Banner-Clan must die to achieve victory, so be it.