Lyneri is an elf, the most prized race for slaves in the Empire. Blood Lords hunt her people as prey, chasing them through the forests of Drakkor like elk or fox. She knows her people need their females if they want to survive, and her will to ensure that survival is unbelievably strong. That's why she sees the Dragon Gate as the only means of salvation for her people. By achieving victory in the Great Contest, she hopes to claim freedom for her species. The perfect specimen of the Warlockes' most infamous experiments, she's magically "gifted" with wings grafted to her shoulders. But will that be enough?
Banner-Clan Highguard
The Highguard Banner-Clan guards the Empire's north-eastern mountains from Orcs and Giants. They are a hearty, stout people who care less for politics than survival. Their motivation for taking the Dragon Gate is a well-founded fear that internal bickering between other clans could leave the Empire vulnerable.