Hark is a ruthless, vicious, brutal warrior. And a proven veteran of the Blood Pits. Often faced with bigger or more powerful opponents, Hark has the tenacity and the will to face down and kill anyone or anything. He's a machine in battle, technically superior in all aspects of violence. His quickness, strength, and almost inhuman endurance combine to make him one of the most dangerous opponents ever to enter the Pits. However, Hark also has of a sense of destiny and has begun to think about the ramifications of his violent nature. He's started to show mercy to certain opponents. He's even growing a conscience. And that can be very dangerous when you're fighting for your life.
Banner-Clan Honor Blade
The Honor Blade Banner-Clan's Blood Lord would rather die than face dishonor. He insists his warriors fight honorably-and ruthlessly. Cowardly attacks and treacherous tactics are forbidden, and no fighters in the clan may cast a magical spell.