Tyyrian is the most famous of his race, Felinar. Like his brethren, he is a feline-humanoid, graceful and deadly, inhumanly fast and agile. He is also a master of his race's special martial art, Ha-li, a fighting style with wild moves and extreme maneuvers. Tyyrian lives for battle and would like nothing more than to prove the superiority of the Felinar race. His family is known for reveling in the kill, and disemboweling their opponents in grotesque displays of victory. He is amoral and ruthless, perfect for the Blood Pits.
Banner-clan Lightning Strike
Banner-clan Lightning Strike is one of the oldest and most powerful Houses of the Empire. As such, they are considered a favorite in the Great Contest. However, their long-standing status has bred a certain level of complacency in their ranks, and they must struggle to defeat this internal malaise before they can achieve true victory.